Kia stewart

Lux K started with a vision of merging Systemic Wellness and elevated nail care for both men and women. With a background in Holistic dental health for over six years, Lux K practices a non-toxic approach while sharing information from a health perspective. Transitioning from patients to clients, dental implements to nail drills, and an operatory to a nail studio in 2018, shifted my world. Although my environment changed as a new entrepreneur, my passion to deliver on quality acts as a catalyst for the Lux K experience.


As an industry innovator, Lux K stands out by redefining the standard of nail care for ALL. The Lux K ethos rings true in original creativity, Japanese gel application, non-toxic alternatives for achieving extensions, as well as men’s grooming. I want to thank you for your support and commend you on your great taste and hope these items bring you joy and comfort! 




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